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We've produced a set of videos that should help you to make adjustments to each of our pedals. These videos cover everything from basic adjustments, to the concequences (if any) of making those adjustments. We've tried to be as detailed as possible, but we're not perfect. If there's something missing that you feel should be included, please let us know, and we'll see about adding a notation. You may view these videos here on our website, or on our YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that our YouTube channel allows us to add specific time stamps to the description. These can be very useful if you're looking for a specific section. We added these time stamps to make thing easier and more organized. Althought we have added these same time stamps below, they do not function as they do on YouTube. The time stamps on YouTube allow you to jump to specific times in the video without clicking on the timeline. The time stamps below are just a reference.


0:50 = Accessories
3:23 = Part 1 - Pedal Face Adjustments
5:52 = Part 2 - Tension Adjustment
9:42 = Part 3 - Bump Stop Adjustment
10:47 = Part 4 - Pedal Arm Angle Adjustment
12:58 = Part 5 - Potentiometer Adjustments
21:56 = Part 6 - UHMW Tape
24:55 = Final Thoughts



0:45 = Part 1 - Basic Operation
2:15 = Part 2 - Rear Mechanism
4:17 = Part 3 - Leverage and the Load Cell
5:26 = Part 4 - Extra Bump Stop
8:22 = Part 5 - Load Cell Sensitivity Adjustment / Circuit board + DXTweak
10:24 = Moving the Load cell - NOT Recommended
11:51 = Final Thoughts



0:55 = Part 1 - Basic Operation
2:31 = Part 2 - Clutch Mechanism Components
4:18 = Part 3 - Adjusting the Tracks
11:16 = Part 4 - Potential Issues
12:47 = Final Thoughts

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