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PT-1 - 3 Pedal Set

These pedals are made from solid aluminum, stainless steel, and high quality hardware. We wanted to make sure that these pedals lasted a lifetime!

We have also incorporated industrial grade potentiometers, a 50KG load cell, and a very sophisticated circuit board. These pedals are extremely reliable, durable, and easy to use.

$429 + Shipping

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CT-1 - Pedal Faces

Extra add-on Pedal Faces for the PT-1 Pedal Set.

These curved pedal faces are 1/2" thick overall. They are made from tough ABS plastic, and designed to give you a nice smooth feeling as you press on the pedal. We've made them wider than other curved pedal faces so that the entire width of your foot can rest on the face.

$39  + Shipping

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Mounting Plate

Mouting Plate for PT-1 Pedals

This mounting plate comes with the heel rest, and all the necessary hardware needed to mount the pedal set onto the plate.

$89 + Shipping

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Significant Cosmetic change coming to the PT-1

Chris Smith On March 12, 2015 0 Comments

We've decided to make a significant cosmetic change to the PT-1 pedal set. This decision, while not easy to make,...

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