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Announcements coming up!! 

Well, we didn't get the chance to make the announcements we wanted to make. However, we will be making these announcements soon, so please stay tuned! 

First Come-First Serve 

Once batch #8 is released, the pedal sets will be first come-first serve. Every batch after that will also be first come-first serve. The waiting list served it's purpose, but it no longer makes sense to use it. It was fine in the beginning, but it was getting in the way of doing business efficiently, so we removed the system entirely. 

James West, from Gamermuscle decided to do a 3 month follow-up for his review of the PT-1's
Check it out! 

PT-1 Pedal Set Review
James from GamerMuscleVideos has put together very nice review of our PT-1 Pedal set. You can watch the review below. Check out his YouTube channel for all kinds of sim racing reviews and content. It's one of my favorite channels wink


Hey guys, Barry Rowland from "The Sim Racing Garage" just posted his review of the "PT-1" 3-pedal set. This is a very thorough, in depth look at how these pedals function, and how adjustments are made to fit the style of driving you prefer. He also gives us his "Final Thoughts" on them after driving them for some time. Enjoy!
Shaun Cole from "The SimPit" took the time to do a review of our pedal set. Shaun is an awesome guy and knows his stuff. We were very fortunate to have been contacted by Shaun, and we are honored that he put together this review. Check it out! 


Adjustable Sim Racing Solutions

Our goal at ProtoSimTech is to provide adjustable, durable and affordable products for the average sim-racer.

We strive to provide the best price possible to our customers with a product we are proud of. We even use it ourselves!

We have studied the industry extensively to fill the gaps. So you spend more time on the track, and less time looking for quality sim-racing gear.

We do this by providing:

  • Quality components
  • Quality construction
  • Well thought out Designs
  • Rigorously tested to ensure a high standard
  • World-wide Shipping

Have you dreamt of having a fully adjustable, affordable and durable set of pedals?
Check out our new PT-1 pedal set. 

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Significant Cosmetic change coming to the PT-1

Chris Smith On March 12, 2015 0 Comments

We've decided to make a significant cosmetic change to the PT-1 pedal set. This decision, while not easy to make,...

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ProtoSimTech Launches New Website!

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ProtoSimTech has launched it's new website as we prepare for the launch of our new PT-1 Pedals. We have been working...