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As our business continues to grow, we need to find ways to improve productivity. This includes reducing lead times and elimnating down time between batches. It has become apparent over the last few batches that the waiting list is hindering our ability to produce pedal sets in a timely manner. Therefore, we've made the difficult decision to abolish the waiting list. 


Those of you that are still on the waiting list will be given priority for the next few batches. In fact, we will honor each spot on the list.

With that said, we are going to be asking for a deposit of $50 from each person on the list. Unfortunately, this will probably mean that a lot of you will decide not to remain on the list. Hey, we get it. $50 is a lot to ask. But we're in a bit of a bind here. The waiting list is currently filled with customers that "might" want to purchase a set at some point. So, they join the list hoping their number doesn't come up too soon. Once it does, they have either gone elsewhere, don't have the funds, or just decided agains't purchasing. This really puts us in a bad spot. That customer (once their number comes up) just took 48 hours of our time (and your time - the serious buyer), and now you (the serious buyer) ends up waiting longer for your set. This isn't the other customer's fault, though. It's ours. 

So, we're changing the way we do things from now on. Once we stop taking customers onto the list (which will be very soon), you won't be able to join it. From that point forward we will sell pedals directly from our normal order page immediately after a batch is released. What this means is that when we we release a batch, you'll be able to buy a set right away. Once you see "In Stock", you'll be able to hit "Buy Now" and complete your purchase. This is how our website worked orginally, but we were so overwhelmed with customers that we had to create a waiting list. Hey, it worked for awhile. But things changed, and now we need to move forward. Sure, there's going to be some customers who may be upset by the whole "deposit" thing, and we get it. This isn't an ideal situation for us, either. But bare with us awhile, and things will smooth out. 

So, how will this work?

Once we turn off the waiting list so that no more customers can join, each person on the list will get an email. In this email you will be given a link. This link will take you to a special page where you will be able to pay the $50 (refundable) deposit. Once you pay the deposit, you'll all set. You won't need to do anything else. Once we release the batch that you're in, the $50 will be applied to your purchase price (you will pay the full purchase price for your products, and I will give you a $50 refund after your purchase is complete). 


What about my spot on the current waiting list?

I'm glad you asked!

Once you pay the $50 deposit, your spot on the list will remain intact. You will not be assigned a new number. I will personally be keeping track of each person on the list, and what number they had before paying the deposit. Once paid, you will be placed onto my own, personal list. This new list will give priority to those on the current waiting list, and will also respect the order of the current list. Therefore, if  you pay the deposit, and others do not, you may end up in the next batch. Remember, do not pay the deposit if you aren't serious about purchasing a set when they become available. It will minimize the amount of refunds I need to give out. 

How will I know what spot I'm in once I pay the deposit? 


Once you pay the deposit, I will cross reference your number on the current waiting list, and then place you on my new list accordingly. Once my new list has been completed, and everyone has had their chance to pay the deposit, I will email each person individually and assign them a new number. Keep in mind, a lot of people will not pay this deposit, so you may end up with a much lower spot than before. Again, if you aren't serious about buying, don't pay the deposit. 

How long do I have to pay this deposit? 

Once we send out the emails, you will have 2 weeks in order to place your deposit. Once paid, you're in. If you decide later that you would rather not purchase a set, email me and I will give you a refund. 

What happens after the current list is gone?

Once the current waiting list has been disabled, you will no longer be able to join. Once all customers who have paid the deposit have received their pedal sets, we will then move to a first come - first serve purchasing system. We will release a batch, and then open the website for immediate orders. This will help eliminate the down time between batches significantly.

More questions?

Contact me directly  -  chris@protosimtech.com


PT-1 Pedal Set Review

Hey guys, Barry Rowland from "The Sim Racing Garage" just posted his review of the "PT-1" 3-pedal set. This is a very thorough, in depth look at how these pedals function, and how adjustments are made to fit the style of driving you prefer. He also gives us his "Final Thoughts" on them after driving them for some time. Enjoy!
Shaun Cole from "The SimPit" took the time to do a review of our pedal set. Shaun is an awesome guy and knows his stuff. We were very fortunate to have been contacted by Shaun, and we are honored that he put together this review. Check it out! 


Adjustable Sim Racing Solutions

Our goal at ProtoSimTech is to provide adjustable, durable and affordable products for the average sim-racer.

We strive to provide the best price possible to our customers with a product we are proud of. We even use it ourselves!

We have studied the industry extensively to fill the gaps. So you spend more time on the track, and less time looking for quality sim-racing gear.

We do this by providing:

  • Quality components
  • Quality construction
  • Well thought out Designs
  • Rigorously tested to ensure a high standard
  • World-wide Shipping

Have you dreamt of having a fully adjustable, affordable and durable set of pedals?
Check out our new PT-1 pedal set. 

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