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How do I buy these pedals? 

Numerous people have asked me this question, and it's not very clearly defined on our website. In the interest of making things a bit more clear, I'm going to give you some basic info on how to purchase a set of our pedals. You will need to join our waiting list, and below I have outlined the steps you'll need to take in order to get on that list.
  • 1) Register on our website - (Make sure you type the email address correctly)
  • 2) Log in to our website
  • 3) Navigate to the right side of the home page and click the button that says "Opt-In"
  • 4) That's it!
You are now on the waiting list! You will be given a specific number, and that number represents your place on the list.  
How long will I have to wait to purchase a set of pedals?
This is a difficult question to answer. Currently, we're producing pedals in batches of 40. Each batch of pedals typcially takes between 6-8 weeks. We're working very hard to get these lead times down, but it's not an easy task. I do 99.9% of the produciton process myself, and producing and assembling 40 pedal sets takes time. With that said, we regularly post updates on Twitter, Facebook, and various sim related forums around the net. We even post videos from time to time. When we release a batch, we make sure we announce the release date in as many places as possible so that you know when the next batch will begin. I hope that makes things a bit more clear. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at chris@protosimtech.com 

How does the waiting list work?

The waiting list was chosen by the community as the best way to handle sales. Originally, we had a first come-first serve system, but that got to be a little too hectic. Therefore, we chose to move to a waiting list system. The system works like this: 
  • Once you opt-in to the waiting list, you're given a number. This number represents your spot on the list.
  • This number is not set in stone. As people opt-out (or batches are released), your number will go down.
  • We produce pedal sets in batches of 40 (currently). Each batch will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • Once a batch is released, the first 39 people on the list (numbers 1-39) will have 48 hours to complete their purchase.
  • If someone does not complete their purchase within the 48 hour time limit, they are removed from the list, and the next person in line takes their place. That person will also have 48 hours to complete their purchase. The system will run this way until all 39 pedal sets are sold.
  • Why 39? What happened to 40? - We sell 40 pedal sets in total per batch (39 + 1). The "+1" goes to one random person who is not in the current batch. Therefore, anyone who is on the waiting list has a chance at being chosen as the one random person per batch. This means that even if you have a high number on the list, you still have a chance at being chosen to purchase a set. This is just a small incentive to stay on the list. 

PT-1 Pedal Set Review

Hey guys, Barry Rowland from "The Sim Racing Garage" just posted his review of the "PT-1" 3-pedal set. This is a very thorough, in depth look at how these pedals function, and how adjustments are made to fit the style of driving you prefer. He also gives us his "Final Thoughts" on them after driving them for some time. Enjoy!
Shaun Cole from "The SimPit" took the time to do a review of our pedal set. Shaun is an awesome guy and knows his stuff. We were very fortunate to have been contacted by Shaun, and we are honored that he put together this review. Check it out! 


Adjustable Sim Racing Solutions

Our goal at ProtoSimTech is to provide adjustable, durable and affordable products for the average sim-racer.

We strive to provide the best price possible to our customers with a product we are proud of. We even use it ourselves!

We have studied the industry extensively to fill the gaps. So you spend more time on the track, and less time looking for quality sim-racing gear.

We do this by providing:

  • Quality components
  • Quality construction
  • Well thought out Designs
  • Rigorously tested to ensure a high standard
  • World-wide Shipping

Have you dreamt of having a fully adjustable, affordable and durable set of pedals?
Check out our new PT-1 pedal set. 

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